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Washing sand from one of my reef aquariums

  • 8 Things You Should NEVER Do When Starting a New Reef Aquarium

    Jul 23, 2014· Reef aquariums need exceptional water quality to maintain a successful ecosystem. Poor quality freshwater can quickly create an unsightly mess in a reef tank. Some people mix a water dechlorinator product with tap water for their water changes and top-offs. This process successfully detoxifies the chlorine in the water making it safe but leaves

  • How To Keep Sand Clean In A Saltwater Aquarium? The

    CaribSeas Fiji Pink is one of the most popular sands in the hobby and it is the sand I select for many clients aquariums and my own Its very easy to keep clean. Depth Of Sand Although not as popular nowadays, but Deep Sandbeds was the norm 20 years ago as this was the main area to colonize aerobic and anaerobic nitrifying bacteria.

  • transferring old reef tank to new bigger tank 3reef

    Jan 24, 2009· I am getting ready to move all my Live rock, corals, a cup of my old sand for seeding new live sand and my fish from a 65 gal penninsula tank to a 120 gal 48x24 All glass tank with dual overflows. My biggest concern is my fish and coral. I am also taking my first stab a DSB refugium/sump. The manufacturer recommended I use a 6" deep sand bed.

  • do you wash live sand? - Beginners Discussion - Nano-Reef

    Oct 21, 2010· I read on the Dr foster & Smiths site that it suggests rinsing your live sand in a bucket of salt water to remove some of the fine dust particles that float around- Is this a good thing should I do it before putting it in the tank.

  • How Much Sand Do I Need For My Aquarium? Aquarium

    Mar 26, 2021· If you have a saltwater, marine, reef, or brackish water aquarium, you probably need to have sand as the substrate.Gravel is a good choice of substrate, but that is really only the case for freshwater tanks. Gravel does not do a very good job at creating a good marine or reef habitat, but sand

  • Sand Dollar Care?? Saltwaterfish Forums for Fish Lovers!

    Sep 13, 2012· I didn't intend to get a sand dollar for my tank at the time, but we went SCUBA diving and one of the guys picked it up and gave it to me when we got back to dock. I didn't want to throw it back in the water there (oil/gas/nasty water), so I tried putting it in my tank. It survived a 13 hour drive and proceeded to grow and florish in my tank.

  • How to Clean a Fish Tank With Sand (with Pictures) - wikiHow

    Nov 04, 2020· To clean a fish tank with sand, start by turning off the heater, filter, and pumps and removing all the plants and decorations. Next, siphon out 10-25% of the water, depending on how dirty it is, and prepare the replacement water by filling a clean

  • Applications of Sand in Reef Aquariums: Theory and

    Light and Dark Effects. T o determine the biotic and abiotic effects on the calcium and alkalinity level of a water column containing carbonate sands, a stirred and homogenized mixed 2 substrate consisting of coral skeleton, special grade reef sand (CaribSea, Inc.), oolitic sand (CaribSea, Inc.), and shell fragments was added to beakers from a four-year-old established 10-gallon reef tank

  • Cleaning New Sand - General Discussion - Nano-Reef Community

    Jun 12, 2011· I cut one corner of the bag large enough to stick the hose from my DI into it and flooded the bag untill it ran clear. I would fill it, hold the end closed, turn it upside down and swish it around. You'll see the waste water start very thick and milky with sediment, and end up looking like water with a

  • Hitchhikers Guide to the Reef Tank - RTAW Reefpedia

    Spaghetti worms live in burrows made into sand or rock, with their large number of tentacles searching the surface for food. Food particles can be seen moving along the tentacles. Desirably things to have in a reef aquarium, with their presence indicating a healthy reef aquarium.

  • Reef Addicts - How to add sand to an existing reef tank

    Jan 01, 2010· This is an easy DIY project that you don't have to fear. Using sand from other locations like Home Depot won't yield the same results, which is why store-bought aquarium sand is the best option. Typically one might only need one ore two bags of sand, so saving money might not outweigh the outcome in this particular case.

  • Curing Rock for Marine Aquariums - Reef Aquarium

    Curing is a common term used to describe a process followed to prepare marine rock for use in an aquarium. This is one topic I spent a lot of time researching before setting up my first marine aquarium.I did not appreciate the benefits of curing marine rock until going through the process first hand on a few different occasions and seeing the results.

  • The 7 Best Live Sands for Reef Tanks

    Oct 14, 2019· The larger grain size reduces the buildup of detritus inside your tank, for one thing, and some critters (like certain crustaceans) will appreciate the chance to burrow and build. We recommend the coarse-grade reef sand from Two Little Fishies, which consists of white aragonite, coralline algae flakes, and even tiny coral skeletons.

  • Beginner's Column: Substrate - Reefs

    In my opinion, bare bottom reef tanks do not look as natural as tanks with reef sand, but they work well. It is possible of course to just have a thin layer less than an inch of sand to give ones reef tank

  • Official Sand Rinse and Tank Transfer thread REEF2REEF

    Apr 26, 2021· -hold rocks and corals in one container, fish in another w inverts, and take the tank apart with the muddy sand and rinse it to 1000% perfection using cool tap water. final rinse on sand is RO, to evacuate the tap. now the sand is perfect not 99% cloud free, 1000%

  • Do I Need To Wash My Sand Before I Put It In The Tank? If

    Do i need to wash my sand before i put it in the tank? If so please can you By George123, 8 years ago on General Freshwater Questions. 4,365 4.4K. You can also cut a hole in one corner or the bag, and a smaller hole in the corner at the other end of the bag diagonally to the first hole. Then you can just run the water through the bag.

  • Frequently asked questions on aquarium substrates

    Washing dusty gravel or sand is messy, tedious and, in winter, rather cold work. The best way to get the substrate clean is to place a small quantity (say a few mugfuls) in a clean bucket and spray water on to it using a hosepipe. You'll need to keep swirling the gravel around with your hand, and pouring away the dirty water until it runs clear.

  • How to Wash sand from a reef aquarium « Fish :: WonderHowTo

    Jun 25, 2008· This clip shows you how to wash and rinse sand from a fish tank or aquarium. Get a big tub, put your sand in there with a hose. Wash sand from a reef aquarium By Robin Mansur; 6/25/08 11:51 AM; 99% off The 2021 All-in-One Data Scientist Mega Bundle; 59% off XSplit VCam: Lifetime Subscription (Windows)

  • Reef Addicts - How to Rinse and Reuse an Old Sandbed

    Oct 29, 2010· Something that I have found from washing enough sand to fill my 90, 125, 180, and 500 gallon FW (fresh water) tanks. Is that the sand will litterly "sand" the skin right off your finger tips. I wear those big rubber gloves for doing cleaning when I wash sand. Much easier on the finger tips. Great write up though

  • 7 Cool Tools to Clean Your Dirty Reef Tank - Marine Depot

    Apr 25, 2014· Most siphons have a rigid plastic tube called a gravel vacuum at one end to clean sand and gravel. Your substrate will tumble inside the gravel vacuum, freeing detritus and debris to be siphoned up and out of your tank into a bucket for removal.

  • Aquarium Chemistry: Calcite, Aragonite, Limestone, and

    W ith the exception of something like an aquarium set up for jellyfishes, essentially all marine aquariums contain solid materials made of the minerals calcite and aragonite. Oddly enough, these two minerals are made of the same thing though, as both are composed of calcium carbonate in different forms. So, anything made of either or both of these are collectively known as carbonate materials

  • How to's for moving a aquarium or transferring to a bigger

    Jan 13, 2009· I going to be upgrading my 65 gal reef tank to a 120 gal reef tank. The new tank is going to have to go where the old one is. I have a question about live rock and live sand. I bought about 40 lbs of base rock and I rinsed them off and I'm worried about a possible spike in my water from it and wondering if it would be better to get cured rock.

  • How to avoid costly user errors on - Marine Aquarium Blog

    Nov 23, 2018· From small tanks to Joe Yaiullos 20000 gallon Long Island Aquarium reef exhibit, its widely used and accepted as great tool to remove phosphate from your system. Joe Yaillos 20,000 gallon reef tank at the Long Island Aquarium and Exhibition Center is arguably one of the most successful reef tanks in the world.

  • Changing Water In Aquariums - The Beginners Reef

    My saltwater aquarium system comprises of a 75 gallon display tank, 20 gallon Long sump and a modified 8 gallon frag tank. Taking into account displacement for sand, rock, equipment, and the sump and frag tank not being full to the brim, I base my system volume on around 90 gallons total.

  • How to Clean Old Sand for Reuse Aquarium Reef

    Jan 21, 2016· When cleaning the sand, the easiest, and I do mean easiest way to do so is: Get a five gallon bucket (you may need a few of them) Fill the bucket about 3/4s of the way with your nasty dirty sand Run clean water through it until the water runs clear

  • CaribSea Argonite/sand-Rinse - 3reef Aquarium Forums

    May 31, 2006· I don't wash the sand at all, put the sand in and add water and top off salinity. Reef aquariums made easy with 3reef aquarium forums - one of the oldest and friendliest aquarium forums online. 3reef came online in 1996 as 'Three Steps To A Reef Aquarium.' This title was created as an attempt to overcome the common fears associated with

  • How to Clean a Reef Tank: Tips & Tricks ATI North America

    Apr 07, 2020· As your reef tank matures, you can also add the following: Sand Sifting Stars: 1 per 50 gallons; Sea Urchins: 1 urchin can effectively clean an aquarium up to 200 gallons; Sea Cucumbers: 3 of worm for every 20 gallons (keep in mind many grow

  • How to Clean Play Sand for an Aquarium Pets - The Nest

    Measure the sand required into a bucket. You want enough to create a layer 2 or 3 inches deep in your aquarium, more if you plan to keep deep-rooted plants or burrowing creatures. If the amount of sand you intend to clean fills more than a third of the bucket, wash it in stages.

  • Can i reuse y live sand 3reef Aquarium Forums

    Sep 03, 2011· I reused all of my live sand with no problems at all. I had a 16 gallon bow front with 20 pounds of live sand and I set up a 40 gallon breeder. Reef aquariums made easy with 3reef aquarium forums - one of the oldest and friendliest aquarium forums online. 3reef came online in 1996 as 'Three Steps To A Reef Aquarium.' This title was created

  • Starting a new tank with an old tank Saltwaterfish

    Apr 07, 2011· 3) Just use it as is and if you're really unhappy with it, go to your LFS and buy a cup or two of live sand from their reef tank, or find a hobbyist in the area to buy a cup or two from to seed your sand. So to start my tank should i just mix up my saltwater and pour it in my tank Make a batch of saltwater in a bucket and let it sit overnight.

  • How do I wash sand for an aquarium? Yahoo Answers

    May 05, 2009· Not sure if your running a saltwater or freshwater tank but personally I wouldn't wash the sand at all. By doing so you wind up washing all the fine silt particles that are beneficial to your tank. The small particles provide a lot of surface area for the beneficial bacteria to grow. I've added southdown sand from Home Depot to all my reef

  • Washing sand from one of my reef aquariums - YouTube

    Jun 18, 2008· This clip shows you how to wash and rinse sand from a fishtank. If you enjoy the video, please leave a comment, add us as a friend and also please subscribe

  • Damnforgot to rinse the sand - Nano-Reef Community

    Sep 03, 2013· Watch out with using tap water as there can be trace amounts of chlorine and other things that we don't want in our aquariums. I never rinsed my sand when I put it in (caribsea live aragonite) and it did get milky. Just slapped some filter floss into the rear chambers of the nuvo 16, turned the power heads on full blast and let it do it's thing.

  • Aquarium Sand vs Gravel: the Pros and Cons

    To get a tank setup with gravel is pretty easy. You just need to do a basic rinse wash and inspection before placing it into your tank. With sand it is a lot different. Since one of the main challenges with sand is keeping the cloudiness down in your water, you have to

  • The Grainy Truth About Aquarium Sand Ultimate Reef Tank

    The Shifting Sands of Tank Perfection - Dry Sand vs Live Sand. Now that weve briefly discussed the role and variations of sand in the wild, and how this connects to your reef tank, its time to get into the gritty topic of aquarium sand types.

  • Washing Sand 3reef Aquarium Forums

    Apr 24, 2013· Washing Sand Discussion in 'Sand' started by Stingray, Apr 23, 2013. Join 3reef now Reef aquariums made easy with 3reef aquarium forums - one of the oldest and friendliest aquarium forums online. 3reef came online in 1996 as 'Three Steps To A Reef Aquarium.' This title was created as an attempt to overcome the common fears associated with